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KCDF Introduction

KCDF (Korea Crafts & Design Foundation) is a public institution of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, founded to establish the identity of Korean crafts and design through the extension and promotion of creative crafts culture and design and enhance the competitiveness to contribute to the improvement of life of quality of the nations.

Korea Crafts & Design Foundation - 
					1 Convergence - Creativity,
					2 Communication - Practise,
					3 Creativity - Globalization,
					= Realization of competitive Korea crafts and design culture promotion

  • - 2000년 04월
    Established the Korean Craft Culture Promotion Foundation 1st Chairman Jang Yunwoo took office
  • - 2002년 05월
    Established the Korean Craft Culture Center
  • 02월
    1st Pesident Lee Donjong took office
  • - 2005년 05월
    2nd Chairman Oh Wontaek took office
  • 2nd Pesident Kwon Ohin took office
  • - 2006년 12월
    Held the 2006 International Craft Fair
  • 11월
    Opened the Korea Craft Distribution Support Center(the current KCDF Gallery)
  • 07월
    Opened ZUM, a store speacializing in brand handicrafts
  • held the North & South Traditional Crafts Exchange Fair
  • - 2007년 12월
    Held the 2007 International Craft Trend Fair
  • 10월
    3rd President Sung Moonmo took office
  • 07월
    Held the UN Exhibition of Korean Craft Arts
  • - 2008년 12월
    Held the 2008 Craft Trend Fair
  • 03월
    Established the korea Design Foundation
  • 02월
    3rd Chairman Kim Jintae took office
  • - 2009년 12월
    Held the 2009 Craft Trend Fair
  • 04월
    Opened 'The Craft Information Center
  • - 2010년 10월
    Opened the remodeled KCDF Gallery
  • 04월
    Consolidated with the Korea Design Foundation (est. in March 2008)
  • Established the Korea Craft & Design Foundation
  • President Choi Jeongsim took office